Phate6660, ValleyKnight

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Where to find me: Discord: Phate6660#0073
Sourcehut (rarely on here)

About me: Use GPG? Here's my key.
I'm a Linux enthusiast who programs for fun.
I'm also a privacy activist, to a fault really.
Skills: Rust, BASH scripting, Lua, and a little bit of various other languages such as;
AutoHotKey, batch scripting, C++, Clojure, F#, Haskell, JS, Perl, PHP, Python, Racket, and Scala.
Here are some projects of mine.

I also really like to make things in Blender.
If anyone's interested, check out the gallery to view some things I've made.

I'm also learning Icelandic, and anyone can follow along with my research at this page.

Hardware: - Linux PC: Optiplex 7010, 16GB of RAM, i5-3470 CPU, 512MB DDR3 AMD GPU (I forgot the name, so here's the specs)
  + Redragon K556 Mechanical Keyboard
  + Blackweb 6-Button Gaming Mouse
  + 1280x1024 AH-IPS VGA ASUS Monitor
  + 1440x900 Dell Monitor
- Windows 11 Laptop: ASUS TUF Gaming, 16GB of RAM, AMD Ryzen 5 Mobile 3550H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, 1080p display
- Windows PC: Optiplex 7010, 16GB of RAM, i5-3470 CPU, AMD Radeon R7 430 (2GB GDDR5 low-profile) RIP Windows PC

Software: - OSes: Gentoo (primary), LFS+Bedrock (secondary)
- WMs:
  + LeftWM (primary)
  + herbsluftwm (secondary)
  + Openbox (favorite, but currently not using)
  + EXWM (WM in Emacs, also not using)
- Editors: NVim (primary), Emacs (secondary)
- Terminals: UXTerm (primary), Alacritty (secondary)
- Shells:
  + BASH (primary)
  + cicada (secondary, soon to be primary)
  + crust (view my projects page)

I regularly post screenshots on my Mastodon with the #screenshotsunday tag.

This webpage is placed into the public domain.

This website is open source!